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Experience Relief


Specializing in ​Treating Chronic Pain since 2002

Kindra Boyle, LMP


5512 NE 109th Court Suite K

Vancouver, Wa. 98662

Kindra Boyle, LMP

(360) 909-1267


by Apt only



Mon/Tues/Wed Thurs/Sunday


Friday & Saturday

The Health & Safety of my clients is my top priority! I will be disinfecting all surfaces between clients & wearing a mask during massage sessions.

-Treating Chronic Pain

since 2002-

My specialty is 'Treatment Massage' which combines Physical Therapy and Massage techniques in each session. This approach improves range of motion & decreases injury by restoring JOINT MOBILITY.

Q: How do I know if I have limited  shoulder or hip joint range of motion if my joints don't hurt?

A: Pain symptoms usually show up in the limbs.


If we don't have full mobility of our hip joints then the muscles down the leg will try to complete the movement that the joint is not able to accomplish. This is a compensation pattern that can cause pain in the low back, hip, knee or ankle. This concept can cause pain in the upper body as well due to limitation in shoulder joint mobility.

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Please click here to fill out the Health Insurance form to verify massage therapy coverage before scheduling.

Treatment Massage Therapy Prices

(Joint Mobility + Trigger point therapy)

- Cash or Checks accepted only-

 Pay with check prices:            Pay in cash prices

New client one hr.............$65            $60.00

 30 min.............................$50            $45.00

One hr..............................$80            $70.00

One 1/2 hrs......................$105          $100.00

Discount Massage Packages:

Six 30min......$240 ($40 each) $60 savings

5 One hrs..... $325 ($65/hr) $75 savings

10 One hrs....$600 ($60/hr) $200 savings

*Share your package with a friend or loved one!*

(Discount packages expire one year from date of purchase)

-Cash discount excludes Discount Packages & Insurance Co-pays-

OR Try a 30 Min. Mobility session for quick relief or to maintain

joint alignment between full body massage treatments:

Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Auto Accident injury treatment available with valid claim number. Your insurance is billed for you. Please click here for more details.

Disclaimer: Any & all sexual misconduct will not be tolerated. Including but not limited to sexual conversation and/or behavior. The massage will be stopped immediately and the client will be asked to leave. There are no refunds on purchases.

Massage Testimonials

"Kindra helped me heal quickly after my knee replacement surgery. She explained to me that pushing on the tight fascia close to the attachment while moving the muscle through it's range of motion breaks up the scar tissue and increases range of motion and strength. And she must be right because I am walking with ease shortly after surgery. Thanks Kindra!"

-Curtis C

“Kindra gets it! I want a deep tissue, muscle relaxing massage and Kindra delivers!

I've been to many massage therapists over the years and Kindra is simply the best.

She gets into my knots and works them out. She can feel where the tension is in my

neck and back and uses a combination of stress-releasing massage techniques to

relieve the stubborn muscles!"

-Marguerite B.

"I have been seeing Kindra for many years and without a doubt she is the best massage therapist I've ever been to. I've gotten over 100 massages in the past 20 years and

Kindra is by far the best! I'm so spoiled now that I can't go anywhere else!"

-Karen G.